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To take part in my research, which will be looking at how digital technology can promote activity, pleas e mail me Shem at

 Some info...

* You do not need to be a 'pro athlete' to take part, every one is welcome :-D

* Participants will need their own smart phone and be able to download one of two sports tracking
apps. (These will be free) * Data will be monitored by myself via the apps social interfaces/web sites.

* The activity's tracked must be distance based, so Running, Cycling and Walking will be the 3 activity's monitored. For research purposes the activity must be a minimum distance of 1 mile.

* Individual's outputs will be measured in Energy expenditure,(Calorific output) The research period will be 12 weeks. if you have any further questions please feel free to e-mail me.

 Thanks for taking a look

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